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A child (son of daughter) is the finest gift of god. He/She is the flower of the heaven, the cool of the eyes and the solace of the heart and ‘Amanah’ of Allah. He who blessed with a son or a daughter is the luckiest man on the earth. This favor bestows upon him a greater responsibility –a responsibility of proper nourishment and proper physical and moral upbringing. Education is the best way to meet this end. Education is birth  right of every child as well as the primary duty of every parent, the society, the community and the state.
A child is the father of the man and the future of the nation. The future of the community and a country depends upon the future of young ones. Education is the premium for the future. It is the primary responsibility of every parents, society and the state to provide quality education, healthy and safe environment to every child to bloom in full to make this world a better place of living and fulfil his/her obligation as vice-regent of god-(khalifatul arz) and best of creation (Ashraf makhloqqat) on this earth and return to lord as his faithful servant.
Education today has become more complicated, competitive and multi-dimensional. But it is still lopsided and does not address the thing in totally. Man is not only a biological being he is a social and moral being that distinguishes him from an animal. Education not only harnesses the inner abilities and a capabilities of a child it is also a means to transform a biological being into a civilized social and moral being worthy of making this world a compassionate home for fortune and less fortunate alike with dignity and self-respect as well as to make this world abetter place of living both materially and spiritually.
Islam is a complete code of conduct. The well-knit education system of islam grooms a child into a total personality to achieve the above ideals. It is perennial in nature and has the inherent capability to meet the needs and challenges of ever growing society and sustain and promote vibrant global civilization.
Hazrat Ali Academy is a model institution established  in 1982 to promote Islamic education with modern Curriculum to raise a new generally stuffed with knowledge, Enlighten, faith and morality capable to compete with commity of nations and to earn the pleasure of Allah.



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