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Hazrat Ali Academy, Islampur, Chandwara, Bairiya, MuzaffarpurAims & Objective


To provide value based education to children and nurture them as a better muslim and a better citizenry.
To facilitate the teaching of quran & Sunnah and a better understanding of lslamic theology among the new generation.
To give impetus to modern Science, Maths, Social Science and fine Arts and inculcate scientific temper and reasonable thinking in the students.
To develop better understanding, Command and Communication skill in modern Indian languages specially Urdu, Hindi and English.
To forge unity, tolerance and better communication among the rank and file of Muslim Ummah and humanity at large.
To work for the character building and moral regeneration of the young Muslims and to prepare them to work for the better, safer, just and peaceful society and to make them ready to meet the challenges of the fast changing world.
To make a child an embodiment of virtue and a force against evil.                                               
To prepare children as future leaders all fields of life and human activities.
To infuse virtue of social service, community work, team work, discipline and mutual Co-operation among the minds of young ones.
In nutshell to make them a complete man and successful individual in all walks of life to get the good of the both world (Hasanah Dunia Wal Akhrah).



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Prep. to Std.VIII, Islampur      Muzaffarpur, Bihar-842001,      Ph. No: 0621-2245099

Prep. to Std.Vll, Maulana      Azad Road, Chandwara,      Muzaffarpur, Bihar-842001,      Ph. No: 0621-2240369

Prep. to Std.Vl, Sadatpur,      Bairiya, Muzaffarpur,      Bihar- 842001,
     Ph. No: 0621-2264223

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